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e-AccuWind® is a 24/7 online forecasting service that delivers extremely accurate wind generation forecasts. These forecasts can be generated for different horizons with hourly or sub-hourly resolutions. The forecasting engine consists of an ensemble of several different intelligent system based models that employ various state-of-the-art technologies. These models capture the nonlinear and complex relationship between the generated power and its driving factors such as hub level wind speed & direction, number of operational turbines, curtailments, and more. The wind forecasts are available for the power markets both at the system-wide and individual farm levels and for client-specific farms. You can access forecasts via web posting, FTP, and Excel. Our experienced experts continuously monitor model performance, ensuring the most accurate and reliable data at all times.

Market Wind Generation Forecasts

System wide and regional wind generation forecasts for up to 7 days out are available for the following markets:

North American Power Markets

  • BPA
  • MISO
  • PJM
  • SPP
  • Ontario IESO
  • Alberta AESO
  • ISO-NE

European Power Markets

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Forecasts for individual farms within each market are also available for several of the above markets
  • Forecasts are updated continually using 1) actual generation data as soon as it becomes available on the market websites and 2) actual weather and/or updated weather forecasts.

Client-Specific Wind Farm Forecasts

  • Forecast horizon of up to 7 days out
  • Hourly or sub-hourly resolutions
  • 24/7 hourly/sub-hourly update of forecasts using most recent actual generation (if available) and actual/forecasted wind condition
  • Web and Excel® Interfaces with APIs for automated download of forecasts
  • Continuous monitoring of forecast accuracy and actual generation/weather data
  • Various tools for upload of actual generations in a variety of file formats

Access via Web & Interactive Excel Interface

  • Generation & wind forecasts posted on secure web page in tabular and graphical forms
  • Downloadable files in CSV, XML or other formats via the web page
  • APIs for automated upload or download via FTP or web service
  • Microsoft Excel® interface with variety of tools
    • Wind speed forecasts can be modified to generate corresponding generation forecasts
    • Forecasts can be compared to Like Days in history or other user-selected days
    • Forecast reshaping tools
    • Analysis tools for past performance & accuracy
    • User developed macros can be embedded

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