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e-LoadForecast® is a 24/7 online load forecast service that delivers extremely accurate forecasts for client-specific electric or gas load data. Forecasts are generated for different horizons and timespans. The forecasting engine consists of an ensemble of several different intelligent system-based models that employ various state-of-the-art technologies. The utilized weather data is a blend of forecasts provided by four major weather vendors. This is an ideal tool for system operators, dispatchers, schedulers, Retail Electric Providers, load aggregators, energy transactions, system planners and Risk Analysts.

Short Term Electric & Gas Load Forecasting

  • Forecast horizon of up to 15 days out
  • Hourly or sub-hourly resolutions
  • Weather data is blend of forecasts from four major weather service providers
  • 24/7 hourly/sub-hourly update of forecasts using most recent actual/forecasted weather
  • Web and API/SFTP accessibility
  • Customizable weather forecasts to generate “what-if” scenarios
  • Quick adaptation to load profile and/or level changes caused by customer migrations
  • Continuous monitoring of forecast accuracy and actual load/weather data
  • Various tools for upload of actual loads in a variety of file formats

Access via Web & Interactive Features

  • Load & weather forecasts posted on secure web page in tabular and graphical forms
  • Downloadable files in CSV, XML or other formats via the web page
  • APIs for automated upload or download via SFTP or web service
  • Web interface with a number of interactive features
    • Weather forecasts can be modified to generate corresponding load forecasts
    • Forecasts can be compared to Like Days in history or other user-selected days
    • Forecast reshaping tools
    • Analysis tools for past performance & accuracy

Medium & Long Term Load Forecasting

  • Forecast horizon of up to 5 years out
  • Hourly or Daily resolutions
  • Intelligent system based models designed for longer term forecasting
  • User interactivity through a Microsoft Excel Interface
  • Weather for forecast horizon simulated using up to 10 years of historical data
  • Various selectable future weather scenarios such as Normal, Hot, Cold, etc.
  • Can use actual weather from history instead of simulated weather forecast
  • Tools for simulating unusual weather conditions
  • Load growth/loss trends from historical data computed and accounted for
  • Yearly, monthly and weekly computation of total energy and peak loads

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