Demand Response


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Proactive Action to Upcoming Events

e-DR service is a valuable tool for demand side management and energy cost optimization strategy. The information provided via this service include alerts for possible power market peak loads, pricing alarms, high demand notices and other DR actionable data. e-DR is a useful tool for utilities and entities with curtailable loads, generation and co-gen owners, energy management companies and commercial and industrial consumers with exposure to market power prices.

Power Market Peak Load Alerts

An entity’s energy consumption during a market’s annual or seasonal peak load hour(s) has a major impact in setting the rates for that user. A significant cost reduction can be realized if the user can accurately predict when the market peak hour will occur and reduce its demand at that hour. Through our leading edge and state-of-the-art load forecasting processes for markets (see e-ISOForecast® service description) we provide day-ahead and day-of alerts for likely peak load conditions. Our highly accurate load forecasts minimize the number of false alerts and ensure issuance of notice for valid peak loads. We currently provide alerts for the following markets:

  • ERCOT 4CP (Coincident Peaks for Each of the Four Summer Months)
  • PJM 5CP (Five Coincident Peaks During Five Summer Months)
  • NYISO – Highest Yearly Peak (ICAP)
  • ISO-NE – Highest 5 Annual Peaks (ICAP)
  • Ontario Global Adjustment – Highest Annual Peak

Client-Specific Peak Load Alerts

A similar service to the market peak load alerts is available for client-specific loads. A load forecast process as described in the e-LoadForecast® service is set up for a particular load and customized peak load alerts are set up per user specifications. One of the applications of this service is tariff reduction for power purchases through voltage control and curtailment programs.

Market Price Alerts

In conjunction with the e-ISOForecast® service, an e-mail alert system is available when price forecasts exceed a user-specified threshold.

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