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In addition to its array of online services, PRT can provide customized forecasting solutions to address your special needs. Our highly experienced technical staff can develop custom software, help with integration of our services into your applications, add customized enhancements and features to our services and interfaces, and any other requirements you may have.

If you would like to learn more about our potential capabilities applicable to your operations, please contact us.

Examples of Customized Tools

  • ANNSTLF (Artificial Neural Network Short Term Load Forecaster) – The first ever commercial artificial neural network load forecasting software developed by us for EPRI. PRT has been in charge of maintaining and revising this installed based application for EPRI member utilities since its initial development in early 90’s.
  • SDLF™ (Similar Day Load Forecaster) – A similar-day based load forecaster.
  • NELF™ (Neural Electric Load Forecaster) – A load forecasting application for both short and long term horizons.

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